Client Spotlights: Meet Our Clients


Fantastic Negrito

Uplifting Oakland's Local Community with 3x Grammy Winner, Fantastic Negrito

“If we want to impact the places that we feel like need help, we need to roll up our sleeves and just get busy and do it with partners,” said Fantastic Negrito, “Because we can’t do it alone. No team, no dreams.”

Making a Fantastic Community Impact

Fantastic Negrito is making waves with CBB.


John McNeil Studio

Empowering Creative Entrepreneurs Beyond Traditional Banking

“[CBB’s] very interested in creative problems. I think they’re interested in people who have big, bright ideas, but maybe do not exactly know the route to take them. I think that’s another really special part about the partnership,” says John McNeil, founder of John McNeil Studio.

Banking on Creative Entrepreneurs

John McNeil Studio is banking better with CBB.


Anchor Engineering

CBB and Anchor Are Building a Better World Together

“After being introduced to Community Bank of the Bay, we were able to set up a meeting and go in and have a great conversation, and I totally felt like our values were absolutely aligned,” says Bisa Grant, President and CEO of Anchor.

Building a Better World Together

CBB and Anchor have built a powerful partnership.


Byrd's Filling Station

Creating an Environmentally Sustainable Economy One Jar at a Time

“We appreciate CBB’s values around not only investing locally and investing in small businesses, but also putting that investment towards businesses that are green that might be within the Certified Green Business network or that are doing things in such a way that they are contributing to the community—both environmentally and socially.” — Laura Byrd Porter, owner of Byrd’s Filling Station. 

A Zero-Waste Way to Grocery Shop

Byrd’s Filling Station is banking on shared values with CBB.


Koolfi Creamery

San Leandro’s Koolfi Creamery Credits Community Bank of the Bay for Turning a Dream into Ice Cream

“I was very, very happy that Community Bank of the Bay was even open to talking with us. And they looked through our business plan, asked the right kind of questions and set the right kind of tone. That was something I really appreciate about Community Bank of the Bay,” says Priti Narayanan, owner of Koolfi Creamery.

Embracing diversity and sweet delights!

Koolfi Creamery is creating sweet treats with CBB.


The Olive Street Agency

The Olive Street Agency Achieves 300% Growth with Local Banking Support

Community Bank of the Bay is actually my first time banking locally, and I’ve seen the benefits,” owner Rita Forte said. “I love it. I can always be in touch with somebody. Everyone is really trying to help. They’re always like, ‘Hey, we’ll help you out.’”

Printing the Community Toward Success!

The Olive Street Agency owner Rita Forte credits CBB for helping her business boom.


Lao Family Community Development, Inc.

Helping People Get Out of Homelessness — Permanently

“This [pilot] project that we did with Community Bank of the Bay, we… financed in 65 days!” totes Kathy Chao Rothberg, CEO of Lao Family Community Development, Inc. 

An Award-Winning Real Estate Deal

Together, Lao Family Community Development and CBB are Solving Homelessness



Community Bank of the Bay Steps Up to Help Black-Owned Businesses During Pandemic

CBB along with NCIF co-sponsors community-focused entrepreneurship with a joint total of  $20,000 donation to Oakland Black Business Fund

CBB Partners with OBBF to Reach Those in Need

CBB Community Partner—Oakland Black Business Fund.


Riekes Center Finds Its Way Home

Community Bank of the Bay Steps Up for Riekes Center at a Critical Moment

“We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the Community Bank of the Bay. At a time when it was very difficult, we had to buy our building,” said Gary Riekes, Founder and Executive Director of the Riekes Center. After more than 20 years in its Menlo Park location, the center’s home—an old industrial building—went up for sale in 2017 and Gary had one month to purchase it or move.

A Center Where Everyone Is Welcome

After observing the center in person, Karen Vandenberg, VP of Relationship Management at CBB, decided she had to be Riekes’ lender.


The Discovery Counseling Center's Strong Partnership with CBB

The Discovery Counseling Center Provides Mental Health Services to Our Community

“[Our partnership with CBB is] why we stayed open and provided this community with the mental health support they needed through the pandemic,” said former Executive Director Kathy Chiverton.

Being able to never say "no" to providing mental healthcare

Thanks to a thriving partnership between CBB and the Thrift Station, Discovery Center never needs to tell anyone “no” when they ask for mental health support.



CBB Supports EPA CAN DO in Building Up a Community

“We trust Community Bank of the Bay as our banking partner. They truly support the community, and that is seen in how they act as an organization,” said Duane Bay. The central goal of the Housing Program of EPA CAN DO is to create and maintain long-term affordable housing that improves the quality of life for the residents of East Palo Alto, CA. 

Building Up a Community

For EPA CAN DO, providing the best possible experience for the community requires partnering with other organizations in line with their values.


Meet Eric

Owner, Gather Restaurant

“We found an amazing partner in Community Bank of the Bay, who believed in what we were doing and took the deep dive to help us create this beautiful establishment.”


Co-founder Eric Fenster talks about his restaurant’s amazing partnership with Community Bank of the Bay.


Meet Tim and Jill

The Rose Foundation

“Community Bank of the Bay is fundamentally dedicated to improving the fabric of life in Oakland.”

How CBB Works with the Rose Foundation

Tim Little and Jill Ratner discuss The Rose Foundation and CBB’s shared commitment to improving the fabric of life in Oakland.


Meet Michael

President, UrbanCore Development, LLC

“The Coliseum project… is a 110-unit mixed income property. We have our operating accounts for the property with Community Bank of the Bay, mainly because of the customer service they provide, which is important to us. Also, we wanted to work with a community-based bank.”


Michael Johnson talks about how UrbanCore and CBB work together to uplift their shared community.


Meet Dennis

Business Owner, School Foodies

SchoolFoodies is a certified Bay Area green business that provides fresh, healthy meals to local school kids. The BAGF helped them green their production line while cornering a growing niche market.


School Foodies owner Dennis King talks about finding the right banking partner in CBB after being rejected by the major banks.


Entrepreneur Tegsti Woldemichael says her future is bright.

Pandemic lockdowns may have slowed their growth in 2020, but their outlook is changing. Women-owned retailers and operators are poised for growth as businesses reopen their doors.

Entrepreneur Tegsti Woldemichael says her future is bright. This month she is opening an Italian-inspired bakery and deli called La Dolce Vita near the MacArthur BART station in Oakland. New countertops, floors, and baking equipment were purchased with an SBA small business loan. “I’m very excited for people to come into my place,” she said. Her current optimism is born from the months she struggled to navigate last year after Covid-19 food service rules shuttered her other retail business, spice company Shamden Spice. Headquartered in Oakland, Shamden Spice represented four years of hard work to grow it into a national retailer of Ethiopian and Eritrean spices. Pandemic food service closures shut down Ms. Woldemichael’s warehousing and operations.

Women-owned businesses and female entrepreneurs are a dynamic part of the local economy.
Tegsti Woldemichael and her new business
Tegsti Woldemichael at her new business, future home of La Dolce Vita.

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