Put Your Money Where Your Values Are

BAGF gives depositors a voice in the type of projects and businesses CBB finances. By moving assets into an FDIC-insured account with CBB, a BAGF depositor increases the financing available for local sustainability projects.

  • Waste Reduction

    Waste Reduction

    Processes and technologies that reuse or recover natural resources are a key part of the sustainability chain. The BAGF provides capital to companies for streamlining operations or improving outdated systems.

  • Sustainable Food Systems

    Sustainable Food Systems

    Food waste produces harmful methane gas. Restaurants that take a proactive stance in sustainable practices, like CBB client Gather restaurant in Berkeley, are part of the solution. 

  • Energy Conservation

    Energy Conservation

    We believe solar power and energy efficiency technology require concerted investment and we look for every opportunity to help new companies grow in this space.

  • Protect Natural Resources

    Protect Natural Resources

    We lend to projects that are working to conserve natural resources and treat our local environment with care and respect.

  • Green Impact Investors

    Support Sustainable Businesses

    Deposits designated to the BAGF become green loans that directly support local businesses practicing sustainability.

Bay Area Green Fund Impact

It’s all in the numbers. The more depositors participate in the BAGF, the more money CBB has available to finance local “green” businesses and non-profits. When you designate a deposit account for the BAGF, you can rest assured this money will be invested in local projects that support the health of our environment.

Our fund has over

$12.1M in deposits currently

We've loaned over

$51.6M to green projects

We are

100% invested in green projects

Green Banking for a Better Future

Where you bank makes a difference.

Do you ever wonder what big banks do with the money they hold on behalf of their bank clients? Most banks invest in projects based on the profitability of the business, regardless of the project’s impact on our environment.

We believe you deserve to decide what happens to the money held in your bank accounts. We choose to empower and enable our bank account holders to make a choice with their funds so you can keep your funds green and secure.

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    Sustainable Food Systems


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    Green Real Estate


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    Environmental Stewardship


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    Waste Reduction


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    Clean Energy


How the Green Fund Works

In 2006, Community Bank of the Bay (CBB) created the award-winning Bay Area Green Fund (BAGF) to create a more environmentally sustainable economy.

Transfer the funds from your checking or savings account into the Green Fund. It works just like any bank’s checking or savings account. The difference? You’ll be safeguarding the money and keeping it green with the assurance the money will be set aside for projects that help our environment.

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Why Jack moved his money to the Bay Area Green Fund

Jack Harris Esformes, a father of four and a business owner, didn’t realize that at his former bank, his money was being used for causes he doesn’t agree with. The Bay Area Green Fund was an easy way for him to align his money with his values.


When an environmentally conscious business applies for financing, we flag it as a potential BAGF loan recipient. As Green Impact depositors designate their deposit accounts for the BAGF, the fund grows, becoming able to support more environmentally conscious businesses.

Our environment and community benefit from the results of this win-win partnership between CBB and environmentally conscious depositors and borrowers.

CBB determines eligibility using metrics, third-party certifications or supporting documents depending on the needs of the project.

Bear in mind that the BAGF is designated for projects or organizations that 1) reduce emissions or waste, 2) support sustainable food systems, or 3) conserve water or energy. If you think your project may qualify, please reach out to us at contactus@bankcbb.com! We would love to hear from you.

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Our Impact Work

CBB has a long track record of creating positive impact in our community.

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As California’s first Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), we’re a business bank that’s not business as usual.

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Meet Dennis

Business Owner, School Foodies

SchoolFoodies is a certified Bay Area green business that provides fresh, healthy meals to local school kids. The BAGF helped them green their production line while cornering a growing niche market.

How School Foodies greened and grew
Green Fund Loan Recipient School Foodies

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