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Banking on a Better Future

Since 1996, our mission has been to empower and strengthen our entire community. That’s why we became California’s first Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). We take social responsibility to heart.

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Environmental Impact

Do you ever wonder what big banks do with your money? Through our award-winning Bay Area Green Fund, you can rest easy knowing that Community Bank of the Bay only uses the money in your bank account to support businesses and projects that make an environmental difference.

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Vibrant Communities

As a CDFI, we’re dedicated to creating equal opportunity in the Bay Area by serving all of our diverse community members, including small and medium-sized businesses, local nonprofits, labor unions, and creative professionals. When things get tough here, we double down to make a difference. When things are thriving, we all succeed.

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Rewarding Partnerships

We build custom financial solutions for businesses that may have been turned down by other banks. We’ll listen to your story, provide straightforward answers, and help you craft a plan to achieve your long-term goals — no matter where you stand today.

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    YELP Review: Community Bank of the Bay is the best! It is my bank and I love it. I have been banking with them since 2009. CBB excels in the quality of care and support every customer receives AND they support the community not-for-profits … giving back to the East Bay … giving where we live! Local, Professional, experienced. I am glad I switched.

    Cherie C.
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    YELP Review: What a great bank, very customer focused, service driven. They provide excellent service to our business and personal accounts. They work with our business to find solutions. It is great to hear more from a bank than just NO!! It is the kind of service big banks refuse to deliver. I am extremely happy with them and their committment to the Oakland community.

    Clinton K.

William S. Keller, CEO of Community Bank of the Bay

Banking on Shared Values

Go Green by Banking Green

Big banks fund fossil fuel projects. Through the Bay Area Green Fund, your deposits can support a more environmentally sustainable economy instead.

Reduce emissions. Protect natural resources. Support sustainable communities. That’s the mission of the Bay Area Green Fund, where you can invest in the future you believe in—simply by keeping your money in an account where it will stay green.

Our fund currently has over

$12 M in deposits

We've loaned over

$51 M to green projects

Percentage invested in Green projects
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Let your hard-earned revenue work for you

Earnings Credit Rate

2X Higher
Than our competitors

Partnering for Good

CBB is a major investor in social capital and community spirit, because we believe in building an economically inclusive community. We were mission-driven before that was even a trend.
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