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Why limit yourself? At Community Bank of the Bay, you can do your banking in any way you like — in a branch, at your desk, or on the move.

  • New Card Management Solution

    Introducing: Card Management

    Easily and securely manage your cards with our newly-developed platform designed to revolutionize the way you handle your financial transactions.

  • Man banks on phone

    Anytime, Anywhere

    Manage your money from anywhere with our mobile app. You can bank on your turf, on your terms.

  • Woman makes payment using phone

    Tools at Your Fingertips

    Check your account balances. Move money in real time. Set up recurring transfers and pay your bills online.

Security is our priority

Community Bank of the Bay is proud to deliver the highest level of digital security for our customers. Security Tokens add an additional layer of security to our login process, helping to protect you from fraud and identity theft.

man sitting in cafe with laptop while looking at cell phone

Security is our priority

Mobile Banking

We know time is money. With mobile deposit, available in our mobile app, you can deposit your checks safely and securely, wherever you are.

Mobile Check Deposit

Mobile deposits

Easy-to-Use Card Management

Confidently utilize our secure Card Management Solution to manage your cards with our streamlined, secure, and user-friendly CBB mobile banking experience.

Key Features:

  • Security
  • One-Stop Card Management
  • User-Friendly Mobile App
  • Smart Spending Analytics
  • Seamless Card Activation and Deactivation
  • Global Accessibility
Card Management Solution

Card Management via mobile app

  • Get Online Alerts

    Want to monitor your transactions more closely? Set up custom alerts, and you’ll receive a notification each time a designated event takes place. Whether you’re tracking one-time or recurring events, our online banking alerts will keep you informed on virtually any schedule — from once a month, to every few minutes.

    • Low Balance — find out when your balance falls below a certain amount
    • Presentments — get an alert when a transaction is posting to your account
    • Withdrawal — know every time a debit is posting to your account
    • Checks Cleared — be notified when a certain check number posts to your account
  • Download the App

    Ready to put your bank account in your pocket? Get the CBB mobile app, and bring the power of digital banking with you wherever you go.

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the first time you log into online banking you should be given an option to enroll in electronic statements. Additionally, it can be setup by just emailing your relationship manager, branch, or Make sure to indicate which accounts if there are more than one, but DO NOT send full account numbers via email.

No, not at this time; please contact your account officer or someone in the branch to order checks. If you have an existing check, you can order checks directly with any check printer or a vendor like Costco.

Yes, transactions that are posted to your account mid-day will be reflected in your balance immediately and show on your account as “pending” until nightly processing occurs. This includes mobile deposits and ATM deposits. At night, the transactions are “hard” posted to your account.

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