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Discovery Counseling Center

Partnering for Mental Health and Wellness

Discovery Counseling Center provides mental health services to our community

CBB and Discovery have built a partnership on shared values

“It has been a wonderful partnership with Community Bank of the Bay. [They are] a true partner to the mental health of this community,” says former Executive Director Kathy Chiverton.

Discovery Counseling Center Creating Community Wellness with Community Bank of the Bay

When you’ve been part of a community as long as the Discovery Counseling Center of San Ramon Valley, you understand a thing or two about what it means to be a catalyst for change.

Discovery Counseling Center makes a promise to the community: to help people stay safe, connected, and healthy in times of difficulty and during life transitions. Their expertise and knowledge of mental health, traumatic events, and addiction, coupled with culturally appropriate and affordable care, are invaluable to destigmatizing mental health in the community.

The center takes mental wellness and applies it to the diverse communities of the San Ramon Valley, with about 10,000 client sessions per year. They serve as a partner to their clients, identifying, addressing, and holistically supporting their needs so they can live healthy and productive lives. As a staple in the community for over 50 years, they operate a counseling center for individuals and group therapy in Danville and San Ramon, youth programs in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District, and a second-hand store, the Thrift Station, which financially supports the nonprofit’s programs.

Discovery Counseling Center is built upon trust and strong relationships, just like our bank and we’ve been partners since 2014. The center’s staff has always guided their clients through challenging times, similar to Community Bank of the Bay. It’s why, in 2020, they reached out to us for a Paycheck Protection Program loan. 

With help from CBB, Discovery Counseling Center received a PPP loan to maintain operations of their thrift store while creating new strategies for resilience and providing services to the community. “It’s why we stayed open and provided this community with the mental health support they needed through the pandemic,” said executive director Kathy Chiverton.

“We’ve been able to [continue operating] because of The Thrift Station. The Thrift Station raises one-third of our income, and it is what enables us to tell a mom who has called and said, ‘Our child needs help so badly, but we have no money. We’ll take a second mortgage out on our home to afford to get him the support he needs.’ And I can say to that mom, ‘You don’t have to do that.’

“It has been a wonderful partnership with Community Bank of the Bay. [They are] a true partner to the mental health of this community,” said Chiverton.

We’re proud to make it our mission to serve clients like the Discovery Counseling Center of San Ramon Valley.