Your Safety Online

We Care About Your Security

Community Bank of the Bay has robust security measures in place. These include fraud monitoring, our privacy policies and FDIC deposit insurance.


Community Bank of the Bay wants you to be empowered with information about cybercrime because knowledge is your best defense. Use our safety tips and resources to stay informed of the latest threats.

Your greatest protection against cybercrime is your relationship with Community Bank of the Bay.

Contact us the minute you encounter a threat or suspect suspicious activity that could compromise your accounts.

Personal Security Tips

We view our clients as our partners in the fight against fraud and crime, and we rely on you to do your part to keep your funds and sensitive information secure.

  • Don’t open links or attachments in emails unless you know the sender. Learn More
  • Be cautious about all links online and research suspicious websites. Learn More
  • Change passwords often, and use long, complex passwords. Learn More
  • Always use updated antivirus software and a firewall. Learn More
  • Secure your home wireless network and disconnect when not in use. Learn More
  • Enable pop-up blockers and clear cookies from your browser regularly. Learn More
  • Regularly backup important content from your computer. Learn More
  • Learn about phishing, and stay informed about new scams used by cybercriminals.
  • Secure your personal information to avoid Identity Theft. Learn More

Get more tips from Stay Safe Online, the Federal Trade Commission and US-Cert.


Small businesses are targeted by fraudulent schemes because criminals know that your security systems may be vulnerable. Download CBB’s Business Best Practices (PDF) for a fraud-free workplace.


Cybercriminals often target mobile devices. We recommend that you follow these important steps to protect your yourself when using a mobile device: 12 Tips to Secure Mobile Devices (PDF).

Fraud Alert

Latest Scams

Criminal syndicates constantly invent new ways to part the uninformed and gullible from their cash. To stay abreast of the latest cybercrimes, sign up for scam alerts from the Federal Trade Commission.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a form of fraud where criminals use another person’s name and personal information to obtain credit, loans or cash. Research shows that ID theft occurs more offline than online. Managing your financial activities online puts you in control and reduces risk of unauthorized access to your personal information. What to do if your identity is stolen (PDF)