Case Study: Hanson & Fitch

CBB’s relationship with Hanson & Fitch demonstrates the benefits of banking locally and having a financial partner who helps to grow your business. This company’s good relationship with CBB enabled them to buy land, expand operations and diversify services.

Hanson & Fitch Temporary Site Services, with offices in Danville, Hayward and Gilroy, is a site services company. They are a one-stop shop for portable restrooms, temporary fencing and cooking oil collection, demonstrating that offering a variety of coordinated services can boost your business.

In 2006 Todd Fitch, and his wife Kristin, purchased a fencing company in the San Francisco area. Ten years later they still provide fencing, but they also collect and render used cooking oil, and they provide barricades, portable restrooms and debris boxes.

Their greatest challenge was staying true to the company’s business model while handling the various distractions caused by rapid growth. Branching out seemed natural but time and planning were needed to weigh up whether the potential new business was worth the investment in new equipment and industrial land.

Using an SBA Loan to Acquire Land, Diversify and Grow

Commercial Real Estate Purchase

In 2011, Hanson & Fitch acquired a competitor and purchased a large parcel of commercial real estate in Hayward. This purchase of four acres of land was risky but necessary in order to grow. Hanson & Fitch had four employees before the Hayward facility purchase, today they have 50 and their growth continues.

Equipment Purchase via SBA Loan

Hanson & Fitch were involved in the provision of portable restrooms, liquid waste removal and fencing rental. Now, with the help of an SBA loan provided by Community Bank of the Bay, they are able to offer debris boxes as well. This allows the business to act as a one-stop shop for a range of related services.

“There is no way that we would be in the position that we are now had we not acquired the Hayward facility which would not have been possible without Community Bank of the Bay. They had the foresight to see the land purchase in Hayward location in the middle of the Bay Area and our ability to grow into it.” Todd Fitch, Client

RM David Meyer

Relationship Manager and Danville Team Leader

“CBB was willing to take the risk of a real estate loan for $1.1M. It paid off. Being centrally located in the Bay Area was crucial to service delivery and the site in Hayward has become the hub of every dollar the company earns.”

Todd Fitch wasn’t looking for a business partner but he found one when he moved his business accounts to CBB after establishing a relationship with RM Margie Perry in 2010. As the branch manager in Danville she took time to research the business and understood the need for real estate purchase.

The way we helped Hanson & Fitch shows how we develop the deep relationships with our clients. These bonds strengthen as the companies evolve, and we plan to stay at the side of Hanson & Fitch as they grow and encounter new challenges.


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