Community Bank of the Bay Celebrates 20 Years of Community Service

2016 marks the 20th anniversary of Community Bank of the Bay (CBB). We accomplished this a by a commitment to highly personalized service and flexibility. CBB's core values have always revolved around local job creation, promoting economic development, and building solid relationships with clients. CBB prides itself on localism and playing an active role in the community. CBB's engagement at the local level especially serves to provide financing opportunities for small businesses and non-profits that are the heart of the community.

Founded in Oakland in 1996, Community Bank of the Bay (CBB) was California's first FDIC insured Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). Two decades later, the bank has remained true to its core values of client services, trust, integrity, and relationship banking, being an integral member of the Oakland community, and enabling hundreds of businesses to pursue their passions.

As CEO William Keller explains, "All CDFIs were founded with a focus on low to moderate income communities. Our mission, expands on that focus, providing access to economic tools that impact the communities that we work in. We're a valuable member of those communities, and they have rewarded us with inclusion, and longevity."

The banking industry as a whole has undergone seismic shifts over the last 20 years, making CBB's accomplishment even more remarkable. Following the financial crisis in 2008 while others were contracting their lending programs, CBB expanded; experiencing fourfold growth.

With Oakland experiencing an economic boom, CBB's deep roots in Oakland, place it in a unique position. "As Oakland's economy grows, the need for capital has grown with it. All of us benefit from having a community bank here. As the local economy expands, our bank has to continue to grow to meet the needs of the local businesses. "